Gitarristin Kassandra Siebel mit Gitarre


Sonata - IV Final
(Antonio José)

November 2021
Siccas Guitars

Sonata - III Pavana triste
(Antonio José)

October 2021
Siccas Guitars

UP! - the film for gender equality in music
(Kassandra Siebel – music, book, sound coordination)

June 2021
KreHtiv Netzwerk Hannover

Escarraman Op. 177: IV. Pesame dello amor
(M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco)

October 2020
Siccas Guitars

Prelude & Balletto (M. M. Ponce)

October 2020
Siccas Guitars

(A. Tansman)

Summer 2019
Open Strings

Sonata Fandangos y Boleros
(Leo Brouwer)

Sommer 2018
Siccas Guitars

Audio CD "Premiere"

Die CD enthält Werke von Barrios-Mangoré, Brower, Comeniconi, Ponce
On her CD "Premiere", which appeared in December 2015, Kassandra plays pieces from Barrios-Mangoré, Brouwer, Domeniconi and Ponce.
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"Fortunately there are increasingly more successful debut-CD's and this piece of music of a young musician studying with Thomas Offermann in Rostock is one of them: the interpretation admittedly of known repertoire hits convince even critical listeners. The opening, "variations of an anatolian folksong" by Carlo Domeniconi is certainly effective and virtually custom-tailored for the guitar, but include also a good shot of Near Eastern authenticity, which is to be developed. This is exactly what the interpreter manages to achieve, so that she can be sure to catch the attention of the listener with this opening. Ponce's great "Sonata III" follows and stands out regarding all essential points: technique, sound and musicality. Even the "Chanson Andante" is recorded so movingly, that a better performance seems unthinkable. The "Sonata" by Leo Brouwer, is often heard, especially by newcomers – however seldom as convincing as on this album: despite the constant mood changes Kassandra Siebel keeps the compositional unity and therefore makes everything absolutely right. Barrios' gondola song "Julia Florida" sways softly and not at all sweetly, whereas the final "Vals op. 8 No. 4" by the same composer combines virtuoso fire and simple beauty. In summary it has to be noted: a really good CD, whose acquisition is highly rewarding."

By Harald Witting in AKUSTIK GITARRE 6-2016

Here two short extracts:
Agustin Barrios-Mangoré: Julia Florida Barcarola

Agustin Barrios-Mangoré: Vals Op. 8 no. 4

NDR-Kultur: "Junge Künstler aus dem Norden", a programme on young artists from Northern Germany broadcast by the cultural radio channel NDR-Kultur

J.S. Bach: Suite a-Moll, BWV 995: Courante
Recorded on 16 June 2015 in the Small Studio of the NDR in Hannover

Gitarrists from HMT-Rostock in the German science TV programme Terra-X

31 March 2013

"Neues aus dem Reich der Superzeitlupe 2" – "News from the realm of super slow motion 2"

This documentary shows how a harmonious interaction of a guitar ensemble develops. The guitarists from HMT-Rostock are playing Lotus Eaters by Andrew York.
The film clip starts approx. at minute 15.

Live Recording

In this audio sample Kassandra is playing Johann Kaspar Mertz's "Fantasie Hongroise" for solo guitar, op. 65, at the concert for the award winners of the German national competition "Jugend Musiziert" in Stuttgart 2012.
Mertz, Johann Kaspar: Fantasie Hongroise for solo guitar, op. 65